Sunweb Group develops safe holidays with Intertek Cristal

Sunweb Group develops safe holidays with Intertek Cristal

Zurich, 29 May 2020 – To ensure the health and safety of travellers and staff, today Sunweb Groupbegins a collaboration with Intertek Cristal. The European organization specializes in safety and risk management solutions for the travel industry.

By drawing up guidelines and preparing safety checks, Sunweb Group* can offer future travellers safe holidays and ensure on-location personnel safety. The collaboration is built on accommodations but will also work with transfer and excursion providers, rental cars and bus companies. 

Safety checks and emergency procedures

The first step is setting guidelines for accommodations and other partners to conduct a self-assessment of safety, known as a POSI check (Prevention of the Spread of Infection). Destination emergency procedures will also be developed with partners. In the longer term, Sunweb Group is working towards a label. In addition to focusing on coronavirus prevention, this would also entail additional examinations that include pools, foodstuffs, fire, water, safety and security. 

Sunweb Group CEO Mattijs ten Brink noted, “The main concern is ensuring our customers’ confidence before the trip by providing all necessary information, then alleviating any health or safety concerns during their stay so they can get the maximum enjoyment out of their well-deserved holidays. For our clients, it’s no longer just the dream of their upcoming holidays that matters but also the knowledge that they’ll come home safely. We want them to be reassured. Through our partnership with Intertek Cristal and the plan of action we’ve developed, we can show travellers that we are doing the utmost to guard their health and safety.”

Intertek Cristal CEO Steve Tate explained, “We are proud to help Sunweb Group implement health and hygiene standards. For years, Sunweb Group has shown that the safety and well-being of their guests is the foundation of their business practice. The POSI check is key to ensuring guests’ safety and well-being in the post-COVID-19 travel world. Together, we will ensure a safe environment for all Sunweb Group travellers.”

About Intertek Cristal

Intertek Cristal delivers software and audit services to more than 80 of the world’s largest tour operators and hotel groups to maintain standards worldwide. The company has one of the world’s largest groups of experts in quality, safety, health and hygiene and more than two decades of experience in the field. With approximately 22.000 audits per year in more than 50 countries, Intertek Cristal gives operators and hoteliers a complete picture of safety and brand performance.

About Sunweb Group

Sunweb Group is one of Europe’s largest travel companies, with a turnover of more 600 million euros. The company is the driving force behind brands operating across seven international markets: the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, the UK, Germany and France. Sunweb is the group’s most well-known brand. 

Sunweb is a fully fledged online player with package holidays to sun and winter sports destinations.

Sunweb Group employs approximately 500 people and sends more than 400 tour guides and area managers to assorted holiday destinations in support of its customers. Sunweb Group has a pan-European identity with tour activities in Zurich (headquarters), Rotterdam (back office), Girona (software and web development) and several locations across Europe. The combination of a centralized organization, unique self-contracted content and a strong online business model results in more than one million satisfied Sunweb Group customers every year. Sunweb Group was acquired by Triton Fund V in February of 2019.

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About Sunweb Group

As one of the largest travel operators in Europe, Sunweb Group is the driving force behind brands across seven international markets – in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, UK, and Germany.

At Sunweb Group, our ambition is to become the leading digital holiday expert. We’ll do this by continuing to develop distinctive digital brands that stand out and create personal and unique memories together with our partners. To achieve this, we’re not afraid to do things differently, shaking up the market and setting new and bolder standards.

Sunweb and Eliza was here are the group’s best-known brands. Sunweb leads the way in online package holidays for sun worshippers and winter sports enthusiasts alike. Eliza was here is focussed on small-scale trips to unique destinations for the inquisitive traveller.

With around 400 employees and more than 250 tour guides and area managers in local destinations, we’re always there for our customers. And as an employer, Sunweb Group are proud of our unique attitude. We encourage our people to strive for both personal and professional growth and to make a meaningful impact every day.

This combination of our people-focussed ethos, centralised management and a strong online business model has paid off with more than a million happy customers for Sunweb Group every year. Sunweb Group were acquired by Triton Fund V in February 2019, and we look forward to continuing to make travel a pleasure for millions more.

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