We believe that everyone deserves a great holiday
At Sunweb Group, we dedicate all our time, efforts and energy in making it YOUR holiday.

Our Flip-Flop State of Mind.

Flip-flops. Aren’t flip-flops amazing? You slip on a pair and instantly flip into holiday mode. You know, that state where you break routines and explore new stuff. Where you pause and see things differently, flipping the norm into something more unexpected. We like to call it the Flip-Flop State of Mind. Are you up for it?
About us

So, what’s our purpose

We all deserve a great holiday, because everyone needs time off. Time to rewind, unwind and put routine on pause. Time to recharge. To create unforgettable memories. Each to their own. That’s what makes holidays so personal. And why we, at Sunweb Group, are totally committed to make it YOUR holiday. In other words, our purpose is to bring personalised holidays within reach of the many. Starting with YOU.

How do we want to make it happen?

If we want to respond to all your wishes, we have to be more than a digital presence. If we want to anticipate on all your hopes and needs, we need a system that’s smart enough to understand what you’re actually looking for. An intelligent platform, maximising data and linking to relevant partners. Yet so simple that you never have to think before you ask. Always on. Always there. Always ready to make your holiday even more YOURS holiday.

Yes, we have a vision

It’s our ambition to shape the future of holidays. Nothing less. One way we do that is by fully engaging with you digitally. Online we can always be there for you, whenever and wherever, mobile or desktop 24/7. (Rest assured, we’re also there in person at most destinations, in the flesh and with a smile). Which brings us to our ultimate goal: to become the leading digital holiday expert in Europa. Wouldn’t that be something?

Nothing secret about our strategy

It’s simple: we build holidays around your hopes and dreams. And we get as personal as you allow us. We recommend things we know you’ll love. We create experiences that you dream of.

We accompany you every step of the way, from the moment inspiration strikes through the thrill of the booking up to the moment your holiday memories are made. And even after that, when you want to relive and share them. All while remaining accessible and affordable.

Genius, don’t you think?

It’s been an exciting journey for us too

For Sunweb Group, everything started in the early nineties, with Dutchman Joost Romeijn. He started selling ski trips to youngsters with great success. When the internet took off, he immediately saw the huge potential of this new technology. And boy, was he right! Today, Sunweb Group is one of the leading European travel groups, with numerous brands operating all over Europe. More than 500 holiday lovers, complemented by 400 travelling representatives at our destinations, work hard to give you a well-deserved holiday you will never forget. With offices in Rotterdam, Girona, Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Zurich. Here are some key numbers:
Holidaymakers yearly
International markets
Founding year
€ 800M+
In turnover
Our brands

Meet our brands

Sunweb Group is one of the leading digital European travel groups, with numerous brands operating all over Europe. Our permanent staff consists of over 500 people, complemented with 300 travelling representatives at our destinations to accommodate our customers.
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Sunweb is undeniably the flagship brand of the Sunweb Group. It has grown into one of Europe’s most reputed online players for package family holidays towards popular sun,winter sports and self-drive destinations. The focus lays on shaping exceptional holiday experiences and creating unique memories through personalisation and innovation.
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Are you looking for character, charm, authenticity, and uniqueness? For boutique hotels, traditional quintas, stays like a windmill, a monastery, or a villa with a private pool? Eliza takes you to places, away from the crowd. To hidden gems in the Mediterranean, especially Greece, or to the Canary Islands. You’ll come back with a unique story to share. Time after time.
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If you’re between 16 and 26 and you’re looking for an active sun-soaked, feast-filled holiday, GOGO is your go-to brand. GOGO offers you the best parties, terrific activities, and famous DJs in top European destinations. No wonder it quickly became the no.1 travel brand for today´s trendy Dutch youngsters.
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What senior travellers are most looking for is warmth. Not only from the sun, but also the human kind. And that is exactly what Primavera is offering: holidays in the benign climate of Southern Portugal, Spain, the Canaries and Madeira, together with friendly and understanding Dutch-speaking guides.
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Dutch students are truly mad about skiing. Only problem is the total lack of mountains in the Netherlands. Hence the need for organised ski trips for youngsters. Totally Snow fills the gap with great passion, led by a young and dedicated team with a high affinity with the target group. Après-ski anyone?
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Airtours is Sweden’s fourth largest tour operator and part of Sunweb Group since November 2022. It is one of the most reputed Swedish online players for package family holidays in the Mediterranean and weekend trips to Europe’s major cities. Airtours developed a special fondness for the smaller Greek islands, which makes it highly complementary to Sunweb.
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Pushing for sustainable change within the tourism industry

Did you know that travelling to your holiday destination has the biggest CO2 impact of your holiday?
We are working on minimizing the CO2 footprint of your holiday transport.
Find out how
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We like to flip the standards

We hire on attitude. We are more impressed by your guts than a perfect CV. As you don’t work for Sunweb Group, you work with us.

Do you share our state of mind?
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