Sunweb Deletes Fake Photos

Sunweb Deletes Fake Photos

Rotterdam, 15 December 2021 – Sunweb will be the first travel organization in Europe to stop using staged photos and videos in its advertising. No more meaningless images of exquisite beaches or fake families next to the infinity pool. Instead, Sunweb gives people the freedom to imagine their ideal holiday in a campaign for television, radio, online, print, and social media.    

In Sunweb's new campaign, no more staged photos and videos will be portrayed. Mattijs ten Brink, CEO of Sunweb Group, said: “A holiday is so much more than sun, sea and snow. What’s incredible for one person is a ‘no, thank you’ for the next. So we’re literally giving space for personal interpretation because your ideal holiday is so much more beautiful than any advert.”            

“Stop parroting the rest” 
Travel organizations all use the same kind of images in their advertising, which means that consumers find it hard to distinguish between campaigns. Ten Brink explained: “This campaign achieves a radical breakthrough by not parroting other travel campaigns and allowing people to imagine their own ideal holiday. Close your eyes and picture your ideal holiday. That’s when the holiday vibe really begins.”  

Sharing recognizable imperfection with the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark
Even much-loved holiday photos and videos rarely fit into the clichéd imagery favoured by most travel organizations. Ten Brink said: “The most beautiful memories are often created with too little light or without a recognizable holiday location. But these photographs immediately evoke a special memory of that holiday. We will share those recognizable, imperfect and yet so significant images with the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. We have already received many special memories from customers. These true stories convey a real holiday feeling and demonstrate how unique a holiday can be.”

Sunweb’s “more beautiful than advertising” campaign starts on December 15th.


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As one of the largest travel operators in Europe, Sunweb Group is the driving force behind brands across seven international markets – in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, UK, and Germany.

At Sunweb Group, our ambition is to become the leading digital holiday expert. We’ll do this by continuing to develop distinctive digital brands that stand out and create personal and unique memories together with our partners. To achieve this, we’re not afraid to do things differently, shaking up the market and setting new and bolder standards.

Sunweb and Eliza was here are the group’s best-known brands. Sunweb leads the way in online package holidays for sun worshippers and winter sports enthusiasts alike. Eliza was here is focussed on small-scale trips to unique destinations for the inquisitive traveller.

With around 400 employees and more than 250 tour guides and area managers in local destinations, we’re always there for our customers. And as an employer, Sunweb Group are proud of our unique attitude. We encourage our people to strive for both personal and professional growth and to make a meaningful impact every day.

This combination of our people-focussed ethos, centralised management and a strong online business model has paid off with more than a million happy customers for Sunweb Group every year. Sunweb Group were acquired by Triton Fund V in February 2019, and we look forward to continuing to make travel a pleasure for millions more.

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