Corona update

Due to the global situation of the Coronavirus and the current speed of measures taken by local or international authorities and by our airline partners, Sunweb Group has canceled several holidays. On this page you can find an overview that is constantly changing based on new developments.

Latest update 25/05/2020

Overview per region:

Overview restrictions on some holiday destinations:

Overview airlines:

AirlineSales RegionNot flying up to and included
(SK) SASSweden22 May 2020
(SK) SASDenmark22 May 2020
(FHY) FreebirdThe Netherlands31 May 2020
(FHY) FreebirdSweden31 May 2020
(FHY) FreebirdDenmark31 May 2020
(FHY) FreebirdBelgium31 May 2020
(A3) Aegean AirlinesSweden31 May 2020
(A3) Aegean AirlinesDenmark31 May 2020
(HV) Transavia NetherlandsThe Netherlands03 June 2020
(HV) Transavia NetherlandsBelgium03 June 2020
(HV) Transavia Netherlands (external)The Netherlands03 June 2020
(DW) Great Dane AirlinesDenmark03 June 2020
(XQ/XG) SunExpressThe Netherlands03 June 2020
(XQ/XG) SunExpressBelgium07 June 2020
(XQ/XG) SunExpressSweden14 June 2020
(XQ/XG) SunExpressDenmark03 June 2020
(XQ/XG) SunExpress (external)Sweden14 June 2020
(XQ/XG) SunExpress (external)France05 June 2020
(SN) Brussel AirlinesThe Netherlands14 June 2020
(SN) Brussel AirlinesBelgium14 June 2020
(JTG) JettimeSweden14 June 2020
(JTG) JettimeDenmark14 June 2020
(EZY) EasyJetThe Netherlands15 June 2020
(EZY) EasyJetBelgium15 June 2020
(EZY) EasyJet (external)France15 June 2020
(TO) Transavia France (external)France25 June 2020
(DY/D8) NorwegianSweden30 June 2020
(DY/D8) NorwegianDenmark30 June 2020
(DY/D8) Norwegian (external)Sweden30 June 2020
(DY/D8) Norwegian (external)Denmark30 June 2020
(VK) LevelThe Netherlands30 June 2020
(VK) LevelBelgium30 June 2020
(VY) VuelingThe Netherlands?
(VY) VuelingBelgium?
(VY) VuelingDenmark30 June 2020
(VY) VuelingSweden30 June 2020
(VY/VK) Vueling/Level (External)The Netherlands12 June 2020
(VY/VK) Vueling/Level (External)Sweden30 June 2020
(VY/VK) Vueling/Level (External)France30 June 2020
(KM) Air MaltaThe Netherlands30 June 2020
(KM) Air MaltaBelgium30 June 2020